Helena Cobban: Is Gaza Occupied? (Con’t)

After I e-mailed my last post to interviewee Helena Cobban, she sent me an insightful response. A blogger/analyst and publisher who sat for 17 years on the advisory committee of Human Rights Watch and has reported extensively from the Middle… Continue Reading  

Is Gaza occupied? Does it Matter?

Debating the Goldstone Report last week, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) laid bare the depravity of Washington’s discourse on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He asserted that there is no Israeli occupation in the West Bank, declared that settlements are only built inside Israel,… Continue Reading  

New BBC Poll: Iran Unloved, But Not Isolated

BBC poll data indicates that 25% percent of Egyptian respondents view Iran favorably, nearly the same number as view U.S. influence as positive (26%). Nearly equal numbers of Turkish respondents approve of the influence of the U.S. (35%) and Iran (36%). Half of those polled, in countries long regarded as the staunchest Middle East allies of both the U.S. and of Israel–50% in Egypt, 49% in Turkey– expressed negativity about U.S. influence, with only 32% of Egyptians and 45% of Turks worried about Iran. Continue Reading  

Tomgram: James Carroll, Where Did All the Fatwas Go?

The Disappearance of the Nightmare Arab How a Revolution of Hope Is Changing the Way Americans Look at Islam By James Carroll Reprinted with permission of TomDispatch.com Since 2001, Americans have been living with a nightmare Arab, a Muslim monster… Continue Reading  

What is the Obama Administration Doing to Bradley Manning?

We’ve been a bit remiss in covering this story, but recent revelations about the treatment of PFC Bradley Manning (for details, see Glenn Greenwald) make clear that the military — and thus the Obama administration — is subjecting Manning to… Continue Reading