WaPo on the “disposition matrix,” the CIA’s next-generation kill list

By Paul Mutter The Washington Post‘s Greg Miller has begun a three-part series on the future of the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism drone strike program, which will include a “next-generation targeting list” (aka “kill list”) in the form of a “dipposition matrix”. Though… Continue Reading  

Are we Finally Going to give Iran Diplomacy a Chance?

Reuters reports that Western powers are examining “long-shot options” for the next possible round of talks with Iran: One option could be for each side to put more on the table – both in terms of demands and possible rewards –… Continue Reading  

Who’s the war candidate?


Robert Wright points out why a first-term President Mitt Romney would be more susceptible to hardline pressure on Iran than a second-term President Barack Obama: Second-term presidents think legacy, and nothing says legacy like peacefully and enduringly solving a problem that’s been depicted… Continue Reading  

The world according to President Obama and Governor Romney

via IPS News  Graphic: The figures signify the number of times each country was mentioned in the Oct. 22 presidential debate. Credit: Zachary Fleischmann/IPS  U.S. strategy in the Greater Middle East, which has dominated foreign policy-making since the 9/11 attacks more than… Continue Reading  

View of the earth from the moon


In the 1970s, Edgar Dean Mitchell, a retired US Navy Captain and the sixth person to walk on the moon, summarized international politics while describing his experience of seeing the earth from the moon: It was a beautiful, harmonious, peaceful-looking… Continue Reading