Netanyahu media campaign failing to move US red lines on Iran

Report Kevin Baron and Gordon Lubold for Foreign Policy: Pentagon policy chief Jim Miller said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning this week that Iran would have nearly enough bomb-grade uranium to build a nuclear weapon in six months does not change the… Continue Reading  

Mousavian: Use Nixonian Realism with Iran

The former ambassador and key Iranian nuclear negotiator, Seyed Hossein Mousavian, writes: The United States and Iran should aim for the kind of sustained and comprehensive talks that have not been seen for the last three decades. It would be prudent… Continue Reading  

Netanyahu Ad Funded by Hawkish Advocacy Group

Politico has the scoop on an expensive advertisement funded by a mideast-focused hawkish advocacy group featuring an aggressive speech that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made on Sept. 11. The ad is scheduled to air in several cities in Florida tomorrow, where… Continue Reading  

Iran and Iraq: history repeating?


The Washington Post columnist Walter Pincus derives lessons for handling Iran’s nuclear program from a declassified CIA report on its misreading of Saddam Hussein and his nuclear program — the WMD elements of which were destroyed in 1995: Has Iran’s original… Continue Reading  

Memo to Romney: Iran’s nuclear program has nothing to do with dirty bombs


Joe Cirincione, the President of the nuclear non-proliferation-focused Ploughshares Fund, explains why Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney “further undermined his national security credentials, showing a fundamental misunderstanding of nuclear threats” with remarks he made during a private fundraising dinner in May.… Continue Reading