The New AIPAC: Win Some, Lose Some


by Mitchell Plitnick The year of 2013 saw three major defeats in three different ways for AIPAC, the so-called “pro-Israel” lobby group heretofore thought invincible by some (it is important to note that the policies they push for are not… Continue Reading  

Iran Is More Than A Regime


by Ali Reza Eshraghi In the current debate over the November 24 interim deal with Iran on its nuclear program, an important lesson from Politics 101 is neglected: state and regime are two conceptually different terms. But when it comes… Continue Reading  

Iran Deal Out of Congressional Woods for 2013


by Jim Lobe In what can only be considered a pretty substantial defeat for Bibi Netanyahu, neoconservatives, and the mainstream Israel lobby here, lobby-led efforts in both houses of Congress to enact some form of new sanctions legislation or resolutions… Continue Reading  

Caveat Lector!


by Peter Jenkins On Dec. 2 the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled, What a Final Iran Deal Must Do. The authorship is ascribed to Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, but it is hard to believe that this piece is… Continue Reading  

Why Israeli-Palestinian Talks Will Fail, Again

John Kerry speaks with Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem, November 6, 2013

by Mitchell Plitnick There is an odd sort of atmosphere today around the soon-to-fail Israel-Palestine talks. A dramatic gesture by the United States, presenting its own security plans to both Israel and the Palestinians, has engendered mostly yawns. Yet the… Continue Reading