Iran’s Next President


by Dina Esfandiary After a long night, the results came in on Saturday: Hassan Rowhani, former foreign minister, former nuclear negotiator and reformist by default will be the Islamic Republic of Iran’s next president. The outcome of this seemingly unfraudulent… Continue Reading  

Syrian Arms Race: The Clock is Ticking


by Wayne White Until now, most foreign military assets flowing into Syria have come from Russia, Iran, or Iran’s Lebanese ally, Hezbollah. Arab and Western military aid to the rebels has been far less: lower in volume, composed of lighter… Continue Reading  

Obama’s War


by Robert E. Hunter With President Obama’s decision to step up arms supplies to the rebels there, Syria’s war has become his war. This was not part of his game-plan. Obama did inherit a mess in the region. This included two… Continue Reading  

The Iranian People Challenge the West


by Paul Pillar via The National Interest Hassan Rouhani’s stunning and sweeping victory in the Iranian presidential election is already generating much debate among expert Iran-watchers about how to interpret this outcome. There are different views, for example, on what… Continue Reading  

The Commitment Ploy


by Paul Pillar via The National Interest Sometimes a child is able to drag a parent into doing something the parent might not really want to do—say, taking the kid to an amusement park—through a two-step process. The first step… Continue Reading