Don’t Worry About the Peace Treaty


by Paul R. Pillar via The National Interest As the Obama administration struggles to walk a fine policy line on Egypt that takes appropriate account of the diverse U.S. interests at stake, one subject that is often mentioned, but shouldn’t… Continue Reading  

Neocon Princelings Kristol, Kagan Split on Egypt


by Jim Lobe A short item just to note that Bill Kristol, in a Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopolous”, crystallized (shall we say) the internal split among neoconservatives over how to react to the military coup and… Continue Reading  

Changing Iran’s Nuclear Program with Rouhani


by Dina Esfandiary Iran’s new president Hassan Rouhani has been sworn in. His cabinet has been approved. The rest of us are on the edge of our seats waiting to see if Iran and the US will hold meaningful negotiations… Continue Reading  

US on Israeli Settlements: A Policy Without A Policy


by Mitchell Plitnick Some days, it must be really difficult to be the State Department’s spokesperson. It doesn’t seem like a bad job to have at all, but on certain questions it’s impossible to not look like an idiot. A… Continue Reading  

Iran’s New Foreign Minister Signals to the US


by Jasmin Ramsey There’s an interview up on IRDiplomacy with Iran’s newly appointed foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, whose speech at the nomination hearings last week was so stunning that it “literally quieted the cacophonous parliament hall“. The initial news… Continue Reading