Syria Still Haunting Obama’s Strategy in the Middle East


by Robert E. Hunter For three years, the Syrian civil war has continued unabated; and for three years, the so-called “international community” has achieved almost nothing — other than to head off the war’s escalation over the use of chemical… Continue Reading  

Iran Begins Implementing Joint Plan of Action


by Jasmin Ramsey Iran today began implementing its end of the historic bargain made in Geneva on Nov. 24 under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The “Joint Plan of Action” requires the Islamic Republic to halt… Continue Reading  

Another Example of Why Congress Should Not Let the Bibi Dog Wag the U.S. Tail


by Jim Lobe The front-page article by Jodi Rudoren about Israel’s “Castle Strategy” in Sunday’s New York Times offers yet one more example — and right in the opening paragraph — of why the Kirk-Menendez “Wag the Dog” Act of… Continue Reading  

So Harry Truman Wasn’t So Big on Israel, After All


by Jim Lobe John Judis, whom I consider a truly outstanding journalist, has written a very important book which he previewed in an article posted Wednesday on The New Republic. The article, “Seeds of Doubt: Harry Truman’s concerns about Israel… Continue Reading  

Iran’s Rouhani Needs a Nuclear Resolution


by Jasmin Ramsey via IPS News After 34 years of enmity, Tehran and Washington are heavily invested in the success of a deal over Iran’s nuclear programme achieved through teamwork. Now the political future of Iran’s new moderate president, Hassan… Continue Reading