The Kerry Syria Gaffe that Wasn’t?


by Jasmin Ramsey *This post has been updated Yesterday we charted the way Secretary of State John Kerry’s seemingly off-handed answer to a question about how Syria could deter a US strike morphed into what’s now being referred to as… Continue Reading  

The Lavrov Proposal: What Are Moscow’s Motives?

Press conference

by Mark N. Katz Why has Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made his dramatic proposal for the Syrian government to not only put its chemical weapons under international control, but also destroy them? There are two possibilities. This could be… Continue Reading  

Kerry Gaffe on Syria Takes on Life of its Own

Kerry And Hagel Testify At Senate Hearing On Use Of Force Against Syria

by Jasmin Ramsey You’re no doubt aware by now of a proposal by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for Syria to hand over its (still only accidentally acknowledged) chemical weapons to international control, which his Syrian counterpart Walid al-Moualem said Syria “welcomes”. Syrian… Continue Reading  

The Hill to the Rescue on Syria?


Don’t Hold Your Breath by Andrew J. Bacevich via Tom Dispatch Sometimes history happens at the moment when no one is looking.  On weekends in late August, the president of the United States ought to be playing golf or loafing… Continue Reading  

Smoke and Mirrors: The “New” Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks


by Mitchell Plitnick The so-called “renewed” Israel-Palestine peace process is turning out to be nothing more than an illusion, as many observers from across the political spectrum expected. But the United States is apparently intent on blowing more smoke to… Continue Reading