UPDATED: No Deal Yet Over Iran’s Nuclear Program


by Jasmin Ramsey *This post has been updated to reflect the conclusion of the Nov 7-10 talks over Iran’s nuclear program in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva — Despite rising hopes set by an unexpected turn of events, negotiations here between Iran and… Continue Reading  

Israeli Intelligence Sources Contradict Bibi, Congress on Iran

by Marsha Cohen For months, top Israeli intelligence sources have been providing Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu with assessments that ought to make him welcome the progress being made at the most recent negotiations in Geneva, instead of, as one… Continue Reading  

Netanyahu Decoded: The Only Good Iran Deal is No Deal


by Lara Friedman Israeli alarm over Iran’s nuclear program is wholly legitimate. Israeli skepticism about Iran’s intentions in negotiations is natural, as are its fears that Iran will exploit an agreement to move ahead with dangerous plans of its own.… Continue Reading  

What’s Driving the Saudis? Iran.


by Thomas W. Lippman A dozen or so of your basic Washington types — lobbyists, consultants, think-tankers — were talking with a U.S. senator the other day about the linkages between energy, foreign policy, and national security. The conversation would… Continue Reading  

Iran’s Zarif Talks Possible Details on Nuclear Deal


via IPS News by Jasmin Ramsey Raising expectations for a deal over its controversial nuclear programme, Iran’s chief negotiator Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that a joint statement on the framework of a nuclear deal could be issued as early… Continue Reading