What to Make of a Near Miss


by Peter Jenkins Sometimes the fog of diplomacy can be as thick as the fog of battle. So it has been in the case of last week’s talks in Geneva — until, that is, the publication of an account in… Continue Reading  

Iran’s Moderation Project and Lessons of the Reform Era


by Mohammad Ali Kadivar It took only a few months after president Hassan Rouhani’s inauguration for the broad but fragile alliance behind him to face challenges after the shutdown of a reformist newspaper as well as the harassment of the… Continue Reading  

Libya’s Deepening Post-War Agonies


by Wayne White An ominous deterioration in the situation in Libya recently has been overshadowed by media stories about the Oct. 27 “60 Minutes” report on the Benghazi tragedy featuring a witness now known to have given conflicting evidence to… Continue Reading  

Iran Looks Toward the United States


by Charles Naas The negotiations last week in Geneva over Iran’s nuclear program — the second effort since the June election of President Hassan Rouhani — stumbled at the final session and will resume later this month. The first serious… Continue Reading  

Dealing with Iran, France and Israel


by James A. Russell Since the high-level talks that occurred in Geneva, conflicting messages have surfaced on what really stopped a groundbreaking deal over Iran’s nuclear program from being signed this weekend. On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry said… Continue Reading