Obama’s Burden and Rhetorical Asymmetry


by Paul Pillar President Obama has been having a rough summer, reflected in poll numbers that are as low as they have been during his presidency. Clearly a concatenation of developments overseas that appear to most Americans to be to some… Continue Reading  

Iran: IAEA Report Casts a Shadow Over a Fair Prospect


by Peter Jenkins The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has issued its latest quarterly report on Iran. The IAEA Board will consider the Sept. 5 report during the week of Sept. 15. Much initial comment has centred on signs that… Continue Reading  

How America Made ISIS

George W. Bush declaring "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq in 2003

Their Videos and Ours, Their “Caliphate” and Ours  by Tom Engelhardt Whatever your politics, you’re not likely to feel great about America right now.  After all, there’s Ferguson (the whole world was watching!), an increasingly unpopular president, a Congress whose approval ratings make the president look like… Continue Reading  

Iran’s Nuclear Future


by Peter Jenkins Sir Richard Dalton, British ambassador to Iran from 2002-06, and I have co-authored a paper for the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) on Iran’s Nuclear Future. Below is an edited transcript of the remarks with… Continue Reading  

Khawaja Arrest Exposes Bahrain’s Rights Abuses, US Hypocrisy


by Derek Davison If actions speak louder than words, then Bahrain’s decision to arrest the prominent human rights activist, Maryam al-Khawaja, on Aug. 29 demonstrates that, despite promises to the contrary, the island kingdom has no real intention of cleaning… Continue Reading