After A Deal With Iran


The Iran experts at the Rand Corporation, including Alireza Nader, who has written for LobeLog, are always worth reading. That’s why Iran-watchers like me can willfully spend part of a slow-news Friday reading a Rand report on what regional responses to a final… Continue Reading  

Post-War Libya Needs Wider News Coverage


by Wayne White In just the past five days, stability in Libya has suffered further setbacks. Yet chronic civil disorder and unrest may seem secondary as many outside observers focus too narrowly, for example, on the status of Libyan oil… Continue Reading  

Mark Kirk: First I was for the State Department, Now I Prefer Israel


by Jim Lobe As I’ve written in the past, I have massive amounts of newspaper, magazine, and other assorted clippings in file cabinets that stretch virtually from one end of the IPS office in the National Press Building to the… Continue Reading  

What To Do After Peace Process Failure

Switzerland US Russia Syria

by Paul Pillar* Now that Secretary of State Kerry’s attempt to breathe life into the diplomacy known as the Middle East peace process has been widely pronounced—even by those who appropriately salute his efforts—to be a failure, different quarters are… Continue Reading  

What Was the War About?


by James A. Russell The sight of Afghans lining up in droves on April 5 to cast their ballots braving threats of violence offers us some heartening images in a world that seems awash in bad news with Russia’s destructive… Continue Reading