Choosing Between Death and Death in Pakistan


By Ashfaq Yusufzai PESHAWAR, Pakistan (IPS) — Residents of the Khyber Agency, one of seven administrative districts that comprise northern Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), are in the worst possible predicament: either course of action they choose now, they say, could… Continue Reading  

Azerbaijan: Time to Address the Potential Salafi Danger

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev (second from right) and his wife visit the Goy Imam Mosque in late October 2014. Hundreds of Azerbaijanis are known to have joined Islamic State (IS) forces in Syria with the concern starting to build that these battle-hardened jihadists could one day set their sights on challenging Aliyev’s administration. (Photo: Azerbaijani Presidential Press Service)

by Eldar Mamedov Earlier in October, Azerbaijani news media reported the death of a professional Azerbaijani wrestler, Rashad Bakhshaliyev, who was killed in Syria while fighting for the Islamic State. The news, which came as a surprise to many in… Continue Reading  

School Children in Aleppo Forced Underground


by Shelly Kittleson Aleppo (IPS) –Winter has not yet hit this nearly besieged city, but children are already attending classes in winter coats and stocking hats. Cold, damp underground education facilities are less exposed to regime barrel bombs and airstrikes but necessitate… Continue Reading  

Don’t Put US Advisors in Greater Danger in Iraq


by Wayne White Senior American officials are considering the deployment of US advisors to some largely isolated pockets of resistance in Iraq’s al-Anbar Province. Such a move would be fraught with risk since Anbar is mainly controlled by the Islamic… Continue Reading  

Keeping US Troops in Iraq Wouldn’t Have Stopped the Rise of ISIS


by Jim Lobe Just a quick note to cite and link to an important analysis on the three-year-old debate, first raised by Charles Krauthammer, over “Who Lost Iraq.” The article, entitled “Behind the U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq,” was published this… Continue Reading