Despite Right-Wing Opposition, Hagel Looks Set for Confirmation


by Jim Lobe via IPS News Despite an appeal Thursday by 15 right-wing Republican senators for President Barack Obama to withdraw the nomination of Chuck Hagel as his next defence secretary, the former Republican senator from Nebraska appears virtually certain… Continue Reading  

Can we have some statesmanship, please?


by Peter Jenkins As I mentioned in a previous piece, I have been dipping into The Arrogance of Power, written by Senator William Fulbright in 1966. It has been a comforting experience in one respect. The divisions within the US… Continue Reading  

Understanding Iran’s Negotiating Style


by Dina Esfandiary Iranians negotiate like they’re in the bazaar. Westerners negotiate like they’re shopping at Macy’s. These negotiating styles could not be more different, making it difficult to get an actual result. But the West needs to decide whether… Continue Reading  

Saudi Arabia Seen Unlikely to Seek Nukes If Iran Gets One


by Jim Lobe via IPS News Challenging what has become conventional wisdom here, a new report released here Tuesday by an influential think tank argues that Iran’s neighbours – Saudi Arabia in particular – are unlikely to pursue nuclear weapons… Continue Reading  

A Desperate Cry for Help from Abbas


by Mitchell Plitnick As President Barack Obama’s first trip to Israel approaches, one senses desperation from the Ramallah headquarters of the Palestinian Authority. Obama’s scheduled stop in the West Bank has all the trappings of an empty gesture masking the real goal… Continue Reading