Israel Unlikely to Stay on Syrian Sidelines for Much Longer


by Mitchell Plitnick All eyes are on US President Barack Obama as he contemplates how to deal with the fact that the Syrian government might have crossed a red line he never should have drawn. The Israelis, even while abstaining… Continue Reading  

As Hunger Strike Spreads, Obama Again Denounces Guantanamo


by Jim Lobe via IPS News With at least 100 detainees now participating in a three-month-old hunger strike, U.S. President Barack Obama Tuesday reiterated his earlier denunciations of the Guantanamo detention facility and blamed Congress for preventing its closure. Speaking… Continue Reading  

Obama Condemns Indefinite Detention (And His Own Record)


by Charles Davis US President Barack Obama today condemned the Guantanamo Bay prison camp run by US President Barack Obama, channeling the moral outrage last heard on the 2008 campaign trail. “The idea that we would still detain forever a… Continue Reading  

Al Qaeda and Iran: Enemies with Benefits


by Matthew Duss via USIP On April 22, Canadian authorities arrested two men who allegedly planned to derail a U.S.-bound passenger train. Officials said al Qaeda elements in Iran gave “direction and guidance” to Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, and Raed Jaser,… Continue Reading  

How Bin Ladin’s Message Lures the Vulnerable


by Emile Nakhleh via IPS News The surviving Boston Marathon bomber reportedly told authorities the U.S. “war on Islam” drove him and his brother to commit their terrorist act. Their linking the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with a perceived… Continue Reading