Watching US-Iran History in the Making

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by Jasmin Ramsey I feel like i’m witnessing a tectonic shift in the geo-political landscape reading @HassanRouhani tweets. Fascinating. — dick costolo (@dickc) September 27, 2013 That tweet via Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in response to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s… Continue Reading  

Moscow and the Iranian-American Courtship


by Mark N. Katz The prospects for improved ties between Washington and Tehran have dramatically increased since Hassan Rouhani replaced Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president of Iran in August 2013. This has made several parties quite nervous, including American conservatives (who… Continue Reading  

A Dangerous Proposal For Israel-Palestine “Peace”


by Mitchell Plitnick The tentative outreach from Washington toward Tehran has spurred speculation about a wide variety of connected issues. The desperation with which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s so-called “charm offensive” adds… Continue Reading  

Kerry/Zarif Meet; Rouhani Answers Tough Questions

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by Jasmin Ramsey The US and Iran made history today here in New York City. While many prominent American members of the press, academic, business and think tank worlds were listening intently to President Hassan Rouhani give a speech at… Continue Reading  

President Rouhani Comes to Town


by Peter Jenkins On Sept. 24 the sense of excitement was palpable. “Will they, won’t they?” everyone was asking. No, the scene was not Edinburgh Zoo where panda-watchers are hoping for a rare conception in captivity. The scene was New… Continue Reading