Israel and Gulf Nervous Over Iran-U.S. Détente


by Jim Lobe via IPS News As hopeful, albeit vague, statements about talks in Geneva between Iran and the great powers continued to issue from the Swiss city Tuesday, foes of détente between Washington and Tehran maintained their own high… Continue Reading  

Netanyahu’s Threats Ring Hollow Amid Iranian Proposals

Ashton and Bibi

by Mitchell Plitnick In most corners of the world, the news that a presentation by Iran at its meetings with the 6 world power P5+1 team in Geneva today was greeted warmly by their interlocutors aroused optimism and a hopeful… Continue Reading  

Containing Iran is the “Least Bad Policy” for the U.S.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani; U.S. President Barack Obama

by Heather Hurlburt via IPS News The day that the much-heralded new round of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 world powers opens might seem like the wrong day to pick up Unthinkable, Kenneth Pollack’s new exploration of what to do… Continue Reading  

They Left Out Netanyahu’s Name Among the Signatories


by Jim Lobe I think the position laid out in this letter is referred to as a “non-starter” and marks the point at which Congress moves from playing “bad cop” to spoiler. For reasons why, you can read today’s Foreign… Continue Reading  

Israeli Claim of Iranian ICBM Exploits Biased U.S. Intel


by Gareth Porter via IPS News In an effort to provoke any possible opposition in U.S. political circles to a nuclear deal with Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has returned to exploiting an old claim that Iran is building… Continue Reading