Rouhani’s Cabinet Picks


by Farideh Farhi After more than a month of intense speculation in Iran, Hassan Rouhani’s nominees for 18 cabinet posts were announced on the day of the new president’s inauguration. By law, Iran’s presidents have two weeks after taking office… Continue Reading  

Will Iran’s Opposition Leaders Be Released?


by Alireza Nader via IPS News Hassan Rouhani’s election as Iran’s new president has garnered much international attention. In particular, Rouhani’s ascendance has raised hopes of a diplomatic breakthrough on the Iranian nuclear crisis. It would not be surprising for… Continue Reading  

Iraq’s Seemingly Unending Cycle of Violence


by Wayne White July has been the second month this year in which violent deaths in Iraq have risen to above or close to the grim 1,000 mark. Yet, practically no measures have been taken by the government of Iraqi… Continue Reading  

On the So-Called “Nuclear Iran Prevention Act”

Rouhani-Mona Hoobehfekr

by Farideh Farhi Paul Pillar has aptly explained why the vote this week in the House of Representatives for even more sanctions against Iran (H.R. 850) is at odds with the stated US foreign policy objective of changing Iran’s nuclear… Continue Reading  

The Nuclear Iran Promotion Act


by Paul Pillar via The National Interest Sometimes our political leaders act so contrary to their declared purposes, even in the face of repeated explanations and clear reasoning as to why what they are doing is counterproductive, that we have… Continue Reading