Charlie Hebdo: What Is To Be Done?


by Robert E. Hunter The recent Islamist terror attacks in Paris, plus thwarted plots in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe, have thrust the Middle East and its travails back to the top of the policymaking agenda in dramatic fashion. The… Continue Reading  

Return the Focus to Islamic State Central


by Wayne White Ever since the January 7-9 attacks in France, European leaders have been preoccupied with domestic security and not the challenge of the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) itself. However, driving their security problems is the core IS… Continue Reading  

Europe: The End of Normality

Belgian soldiers during an exercise

by Lieven De Cauter The events in France (Charlie Hebdo and other attacks) and Belgium (a raid in Verviers that prevented a similar terrorist attack) mean the end of normality for Europe and the beginning of a long state of emergency. The… Continue Reading  

A Sanity Check from London on Iran


by Paul R. Pillar Those who want to maintain endless tension and animosity between the United States and Iran, and who thus have been endeavoring to kill any diplomatic agreement between the two countries, are racing ahead with their latest… Continue Reading  

Charlie Hebdo: Ending the Cycle of Violence


by Shireen T. Hunter The attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, by Muslim extremists reportedly affiliated with or sympathizing with al-Qaeda, is symptomatic of the many ills afflicting Muslim immigrant communities in France and other… Continue Reading