Iran: Flawed Convictions for Journalists


by Human Rights Watch An Iranian court convicted three journalists and a family member of another journalist on April 25, 2016 on vague national security charges, Human Rights Watch said today. The four, along with a fifth journalist, have been… Continue Reading  

For Most Israelis, Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter


by Mairav Zonszein A 24-year-old Palestinian and her teenage brother were shot and killed by Israeli troops after allegedly trying to stab Border Police officers. The police’s version of the events doesn’t add up, but nobody in Israel, including the media,… Continue Reading  

Kyrgyzstan: Government Report Exposes Scale of Prison Torture


by Anna Lelik When the police wanted to extract a confession out of K.D., they put a plastic bag over his head and injected in a pungent vinegar solution that made his lungs burn. Such tales of abuse in police stations… Continue Reading  

Iran Nuclear Deal: One-time Event or Breakthrough?


by John Limbert Tehran and Washington have apparently hired the same speechwriter to com­pose their public statements about the state of Iranian nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA). In both capitals the proclaimed view is identical:… Continue Reading  

The False Impasse Over Aid to Israel

AC12 - US-Israel Military Exercise, October 2012

by Paul R. Pillar With most stalemated international negotiations, the reasons for both the impasse and the continuation of talks are easy to understand. A range of possible agreed outcomes exists, with some more favorable to one party and some… Continue Reading