The Snubbing of Erdogan: Muhammad Ali’s Funeral


by Robert Olson Mohammad Ali’s funeral in Louisville, Kentucky on June 8 and his eulogy on June 9 offered a rare opportunity for Americans to experience the juxtaposition of local and global politics. Most Americans are familiar with Ali’s influence… Continue Reading  

Did Omar Mateen Fall Through the Cracks?


by Emile Nakhleh Omar Mateen’s horrible terror attack at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando last Saturday night reflected first and foremost his sick attitude about gays and lesbians as well as his religious and cultural intolerance toward the LGBT community.… Continue Reading  

Major Partisan Divide on Arab Refugees


by Jim Lobe If a major new poll released Tuesday by the Brookings Institution is any indication, the Republican Party under its presumptive presidential nominee is indeed returning to its nativist roots of the 1930s, at least on the question… Continue Reading  

Unhelpfully Familiar Responses to the Orlando Shooting


by Paul R. Pillar Here we go again. Another terrorist incident, and another iteration of the depressingly familiar suite of responses we hear each time in the subsequent surge of rhetoric and commentary. Much of what we hear is what… Continue Reading  

Understanding Netanyahu’s Rejection of the Arab Peace Initiative


by Mitchell Plitnick On Monday, just two weeks after saying that he accepted the “general idea” of the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative (API), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected it as a basis for talks with the Palestinians. This rejection… Continue Reading