Egypt-Iran Entente: Far from a New Axis


by Richard Javad Heydarian After three decades of frosty relations, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a historic visit to Cairo on 5 February 2012, making him the only post-revolutionary Iranian leader to set foot in the Arab heartland. His trip marked… Continue Reading  

Iran-Turkey Relations Heading into a Tough Year

Brazilian FM Amorim Iranian President Ahmadinejad, Brazilian President da Silva, Turkish PM Erdogan and Turkey's FM Davutoglu hold their hands as sign of unity during signing agreement ceremony in Tehran

Since the advent of the Syrian Revolution and tightening transatlantic sanctions against Iran in 2011, Tehran and Ankara have had a particularly tough time maintaining a facade of mutual amity and cooperation. Last December, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hastily cancelled a… Continue Reading  

Iran Shows Signs of Resilience Ahead of Potential Bilateral Talks


By Richard Javad Heydarian A key foreign policy consequence of President Barak Obama’s reelection is the growing possibility of face-to-face talks between the United States. and Iran. Both the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali… Continue Reading  

The Gaza Crisis: A Strategic Boon for Iran


The recent war in Gaza has been portrayed as a political dividend for the main protagonists, namely Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Egypt’s Mohammad Morsi, and the Hamas leadership in Gaza, despite the tremendous psychological, infrastructural and humanitarian costs borne by innocent… Continue Reading