US Counterterror Strategy Has Crashed and Burned


by Larry Attree and Farea al Muslimi After 15 years of US efforts to combat terror and achieve stability in Yemen, a new study by Saferworld concludes that these efforts—as in the cases of Afghanistan and Somalia—have badly backfired. Today, Yemen… Continue Reading  

The North Goes South Or The South Comes North


by Graham E. Fuller It does not take much imagination to see where refugees are taking the world over the longer run. This issue currently lies at the heart of some very ugly American politics. It is also tearing apart… Continue Reading  

Foreign Policy and Presidential Politics as a Team Sport


by Paul R. Pillar Bernie Sanders has become a primary focus of a common quadrennial subject for foreign policy wonks and presidential campaign watchers: the “teams” of advisers who affiliate with different campaigns. Ostensibly these advisers provide their respective candidates… Continue Reading  

Building on the Syrian Truce


by Paul R. Pillar A common reaction to the first couple of days of the partial cessation of hostilities in Syrian civil war was surprise at how well the truce had held up so far. There earlier had been ample… Continue Reading  

Why Iran’s Parliament Matters


by Reza H. Akbari Iranians went to the polls on February 26 to vote for the new members of parliament as well as the Assembly of Experts, a clerical body in charge of electing and removing the country’s most powerful… Continue Reading