Dedication, Destruction and Hamas


by Paul Pillar Applying a familiar label or phrase can be a substitute for good analysis, or for any analysis at all. The application activates a set of presumptions associated with the label or phrase while brushing aside any other… Continue Reading  

The Stunning Collapse of Syria’s Safe Spaces


In just five years, Syria has gone from being the world’s second-largest host of refugees to the second-largest producer of them. Continue Reading  

Gaza Under Fire: A Humanitarian Disaster


by Khaled Alashqar As a result of over two weeks of Israeli bombardment, thousands of Palestinian civilians have fled their homes in the north of Gaza and sought refuge in schools run by the UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian… Continue Reading  

5 Things to Know About the Extended Nuclear Talks with Iran


by Paul Pillar The recently extended nuclear negotiations with Iran have had to compete for front-page attention with acute crises elsewhere. The agreement to extend both the negotiations and the interim commitments associated with them for another four months has… Continue Reading  

The Kurdish Future in Iraq: Independence or Confederation


by Mohammed A. Salih Ebril — The Iraqi Kurdish media and public are these days buzzing with heated discussions about independence. The reason is simple: never before has there been such a promising opportunity for Kurds to establish their own… Continue Reading